TKD 2CP601 volume pot upgrade set

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TKD 2CP601 2x100kΩ volume pot upgrade set for Elekit TU-8900. Consist of TKD volume pot, PCB and pin header. It needs just assembly and installation in the amplifier instead of original potentiometer.

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TKD - Tokyo Ko-On Denpa LogoBesides original TKD CP601 2×100 kΩ attenuator, this set includes also Elekit PBC and pin headers. It is dedicated to Elekit TU-8900VK and TU-8900E amplifier kits and it is a direct replacement of original volume potentiometer. TKD pots are one of the best available pots on the market. They offer very low noise level and high balance precision connected with long life period. It is possible to use this pot in other amplifiers – to do it properly, check important notes in using TKD faders below.


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