Lundahl OPT Upgrade Kit for TU-8850

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Lundahl’s output transformers upgrade kit for Elekit TU-8850 amplifier. Famous Lundahl hand-made output transformers are the best choice for this kit and are suitable for all TU-8850 models (E and VK).

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Lundahl’s output transformers upgrade kit for Elekit TU-8850VK amplifier. Kit contains two Lundahl’s LL-3727 (90 mA) output transformers dedicated for ELEKIT TU-8850 amplifier and original Elekit PCBs with required cables. To make an upgrade, you need to solder PCBs to the trafos and install it into the amp using standard screws and installed connectors – that’s all!

If you own TU-8850(E) amplifier with standard transformers, it is also possible to make an upgrade with this kit and install Lundahl trafos instead of original ones.

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